Discover the Unconventional: Unique Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

In the world of corporate events, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sticking to the tried-and-true, the conventional and ultimately uninspiring.

With google search dominated by large aggregators of entertainers, and by those annoying listicles, you are often corralled into their limited categories, much like the way all the radio stations end up playing the same songs over and over again. It is harder to find that odd niche act, that singular performer.

Go to any entertainment broker and they will list comedians, magicians, and singers etc. But they will probably not have a category for fire breathers, balloon animal makers, or jugglers.

When you want to offer your guests an experience they’ll never forget? When you’ve had the comedian, the magician, and the singer already.  When you need something unexpected, new and fun. You’ll need to find a way past the restrictions of basic google search to find those unusual acts and weird but amazing variety artists.

From mesmerists to shadow puppeteers, there’s a world of unique unconventional artists out there waiting to be discovered.

Here’s how to find and engage unusual performers for your next event

1. Think Laterally. The first step in finding unique entertainment is to broaden your horizons. Put some time aside and search for “unusual entertainment acts” and “unconventional corporate events”. You might still get mostly the “same-old” but, if you keep scrolling, in amongst those you’ll maybe find an oddball stage hypnotist like Gerard V (when the usual won’t do), or Raymond Crowe “The Unusualist” whose shadow show was selected for the Royal Variety Performance. Or maybe the Umbilical Brothers and their ridiculously funny but totally weird show.

Another great source of ideas is to look at the acts that performed at the most recent fringe festivals in your country. These will give you more ideas, because the fringe festivals specialise in new and whacky acts, many of which become worldwide hits.

2. Do This Research. Once you’ve decided on the type of act you’re interested in, it’s time to do some research on that type of act. Look for acts of that kind that are available for your event in your country. Don’t worry about the city – corporate entertainers usually work nationally. But do look for performers who specialize in corporate events, as they’ll understand the unique dynamics and expectations of both you and your audience. Check out their websites, watch videos of their performances, and read reviews if available.

3. Engage with the Artists. When you’ve found a performer or group you’re interested in, reach out to them. Don’t just ask for a price. True corporate professionals will frequently want to know a bit about you and your event before they’ll be willing to send you a proposal for it. Discuss your event’s theme, the audience, and your goals to see if they can provide a show that aligns with those elements. The best variety artists are adaptable and can tailor their performance to suit your event, but not every artist will be suitable for every event.

4. Consider Logistics. Before finalizing your decision, consider the logistical aspects. Does the performer’s act require a lot of space or special equipment? They’ll have likely told you of any specific needs (that trapeze act might need a high ceiling and 2 days to set up). Do they have any specific technical requirements? Make sure your venue can accommodate these needs. Often the artist or their agent will want to discuss these matters directly with the venue as well because there’s frequently quite a bit of industry jargon involved.

By seeking out and engaging variety artists, you can provide a unique, memorable experience at your next corporate event. So why not take the plunge and explore the world of unconventional entertainment? Your attendees will thank you for it.